Congratulations to the System Office staff members who were recognized for their service to the State of North Carolina at the December Town Hall meeting! More than 60 staff received an award for 5, 10, 15, or 20 years of state service.
“Thank you for your dedication to the state and the UNC System. I certainly appreciate all that you do on a daily basis and wholeheartedly believe that we couldn’t do it without you,” said UNC System President Margaret Spellings.
Recipients included:
20 Years of Service – Scott Marsh (UNC-TV), Melaina Hall (System Office), Sylvia Millis (NCSEAA), Mark Wiles (System Office), Ashley Nicklis (System Office), Kamona Herring (UNC-TV), Rollinda Thomas (System Office), Kathryn Jones (System Office), David Hardy (UNC-TV), Carol Harris (System Office), Alan Brown (UNC-TV), and Thomas Wallis (System Office).
15 Years of Service – Michael Mills (UNC-TV), Jolene Meyer (NCSEAA), Danny Moretz (System Office), Angelisa Riggsbee (System Office), Peter Olafson (UNC-TV), Nancy Maltais (System Office), Ruth Brill (System Office), Tameka Robinson (System Office), Tamara Carnes (UNC-TV), Laura Chappell (UNC-TV), Kelly McCullen (UNC-TV), Terrence Scarborough (NCSEAA), Paulette Stroman (System Office), and Jeffrey Smith (UNC-TV).
10 Years of Service – Debbie Dryer (System Office), Anne Schwarz (UNC-TV), Kelley Gregory (System Office), Franklin Lamaster (System Office), Gary Coble (UNC-TV), James Sherred (UNC-TV), Bridget Bishop (System Office), Christopher Kerr (System Office), June Chen (System Office), Mary Collins (System Office), Brent Herron (System Office), and Tiffany Watts (System Office).
5 Years of Service – Debra Robertson, (System Office), Meredith Steadman (System Office), Gregory Morock (NCSEAA), Elizabeth Kelly (System Office), Erica Starke (UNC-TV), Ingrid Cameron (NCSEAA), Jayne Grandes (System Office), Rachel Page (System Office), Josephine Bennett (NCSEAA), Alexis Lockett, (System Office), Gladys Woodard (NCSEAA), Jay Fitzgerald (System Office), Meghan-Joy Woodall (System Office), Maria Shain (UNC-TV), Shawn Henderson (NCSEAA), Aaron Hawkins (System Office), Lindsay Gangl (System Office), Scott Ganas (System Office), Carrie Johnston (System Office), Nancy Clark (NCSEAA), Phillip Malsch (UNC-TV), Keith Werner (System Office), Monique Colvin (UNC-TV), and Frank Graff (UNC-TV).