We have made a significant update to our JCAT matrix, including modifications or additions to our JCAT system, the national CUPA codes, and/or our fixed crosswalk between JCATs and national SOC codes. It includes a thorough review of updates prior to FY18, as well as updates that occurred in FY18 and FY19.
In recent circulated drafts, the FY19 values produced by CUPA had not been available. They have been included in this update. Please be aware that there are significant changes in the FY19 version, which mainly affect the predetermined crosswalk between JCAT and SOC code. The changes from pre-FY18, FY18, and FY19 are all color-coded.
We will be implementing these changes in HR Data Mart immediately, to assist with PDF and IPEDS reporting efforts. Please provide feedback directly to Keith Dupuis over the coming weeks. We anticipate a post-release update in the near future, once we have a substantive list of tweaks. If any change affects the PDF or IPEDS process, though, we’ll likely perform an immediate smaller update, and notify you accordingly.