The 2019 403B Universal Availability Notice has also been updated and posted on UNC System’s website. Here is a link to the notice: I have also attached so that it can be used for distribution in January. This notice must be distributed to all employees that receive compensation reportable on a W-2 and pay FICA. The notice can be delivered by an reasonable method, which may include email and posting the notice within all principal places of employment at the locations on site that are customarily used for notices to employees concerning employment and benefit matters.
Please email me directly, by January 31, 2019, with confirmation that you have sent the notice to all employees.
Lastly,  the 2019 Salary Reduction Agreements for both the 457 and 403b plans has been updated and posted to the UNC System website.  Here is a link to the supplemental retirement page: There are two different agreements and you will need to expand the Supplemental Retirement Program menu and then click on either the 403b or 457 plan link (from the link above) to access the appropriate form.
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