The template for the Annual HR Compliance Report, covering fiscal year 2017-2018, is now available. The report is nearly identical to the previous year’s template with only some modest changes, including:

  1. Updated nomenclature
  2. The formal addition of a tab for the Annual IRIT Report, for those 7 campuses with special IRIT authority
  3. A new column on the SAAO-I report, to indicate if a position was new or modified that fiscal year
  4. A text field allowing campuses to explain how they track base and supplemental pay, if not in their HRIS
  5. The occasional comment that notes upcoming changes in next year’s report, or particularly emphasizes certain instructions

Knowing that your Boards of Trustees must approve your final submission, we intend to allow you a very generous time frame for your response. At this point, we’d like to collect your final responses by Friday, May 31, which will give you just over three months. If for any reason that schedule creates coordination issues with your planned BOT meetings, please contact me, and we’ll discuss an alternate submission day.
Any questions about the report can be sent directly to Keith Dupuis. This is the first year that the report has moved from the EEO to the Class & Comp area, and we appreciate your patience and support.