Based on follow-up discussion and feedback, we have opted to modify the instructions for our annual HR Compliance Report for FY 2017-18 in a manner that I think will help to further simplify this process.
Specifically, we will only require one specific section of the report to receive formal BOT approval, which is related to your institution’s decision to set any EHRA Non-Faculty SAAO Tier II salary ranges other than the standard salary ranges published by the System Office. We will permit the remainder of your annual HR Compliance Report submission (formerly the management flexibility report) to be provided as an informational item to your BOT and not submitted for formal BOT action or approval.
Accordingly, we will only require confirmation of two items with respect to your BOT and the compliance report, which are:

  1. That you have presented or distributed the final Report to your BOT for information in some fashion, which could be at a scheduled meeting or by any other means in which your campus periodically shares informational updates with your BOT.
  2. That, if you have the authority to set your own SAAO-II ranges, and you have opted to exercise that authority, you provide confirmation that your BOT has voted to approve those ranges.

I hope this will serve to further simplify your handling of the annual compliance report submission. If you have any specific questions on this change or the report in general, please contact Keith Dupuis in System Office Human Resources.
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