Good afternoon! We’re beginning to finalize preparations for our May 9 meeting. Attached is our current draft agenda, which covers a wide range of issues.
Some important notes:
1. Please review the agenda, and provide any feedback to Keith by May 3, 2019. As always, we want to make sure we spend time on all the Class & Comp issues relevant to you.
2. We’re hoping for robust conversation around the planned enhancements for the Comp and Position Database, and have invited our HRIS and IT folks for the discussion. Please come prepared to discuss features and enhancements you’d like to see in the Database’s next generation.
3. We’re also including a panel discussion on salary ranges. Several of you have indicated an interest in learning more about how your peers research data and market info for ranges not specifically covered in System documents. What role does conference data plan in athletic range setting? How do you calculate range spreads, and what range spreads are appropriate for what position types? When do you do peer research on roles at other public institutions outside UNC? What market data or surveys do you use outside CUPA? We’d love some skilled Class & Comp veterans to join us on the panel. Would volunteers email Keith directly? (And in the absence of raised hands, Keith will make some calls, and hereafter refer to the term “volunteer” in air quotes.)
We look forward to seeing you in Chapel Hill on May 9!!

Sent as a copy to the HR Council list from Keith Dupuis