Earlier this year, the UNC System Office circulated a draft policy and regulation on diversity and inclusion for review and comment by the senior leadership of the UNC constituent institutions. From that feedback, revised drafts of the policy and regulation were submitted to the UNC Board of Governors’ Committee on Personnel and Tenure for review and approval at its March 2019 meeting.
The Committee requested that several subject matter experts be invited to join the discussion at the May 2019 meeting. Dr. Kent Guion, Chief Diversity Officer at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and Ms. Sheri Schwab, Interim Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity at North Carolina State University, will participate in the meeting in this capacity.
Since the March 2019 meeting of the Committee, modest changes have been made to the draft policy and regulation based on discussion at this meeting and continued input from various stakeholders. These updated drafts are being provided to the Committee for its May meeting and redline versions are attached here for your reference so you can see what has changed since it was last presented.
These latest changes provide refinements to the commitment statement portion of the policy, address redundant provisions between the policy and regulation documents, and ensure that more of the implementation details reside in the regulation rather than in policy. As this policy moves back to the Committee on Personnel and Tenure for final consideration, I wanted to keep you updated on its current content and status.
Sent to Chancellors from Matt Brody; copied to CHROs