Chief Human Resources Officers,
As you are likely aware, there are changes forthcoming from the State Health Plan in January regarding its provider network and provider reimbursement policies. These changes, which are called “Clear Pricing” by the State Health Plan, are receiving a good amount of attention in the news media in addition to communications to employees directly by the Plan.
For this reason, we expect you may receive questions or concerns from your employees. The President has asked that the attached memorandum be distributed to all University employees who are participants in the State Health Plan.
We are asking that each institution Human Resources Office handle this distribution to their faculty and staff. The letter includes a link to the State Health Plan’s “Clear Pricing” web site. As the letter states, the System Office is monitoring these developments closely and we will continue to update you and your benefits team as we know more.
You should feel free to circulate the attached electronically in whatever form is convenient for your office; e.g., email with attachment, email with link to posted document on an internal web site, etc. With the forthcoming July 4th holiday, you can arrange for distribution now or following the upcoming holiday and weekend. We only ask that you please arrange timely distribution to affected employees at your institution.
Faculty and staff inquiries on this matter should be referred directly to your staff. You or members of your team may contact Assistant Vice President for Benefits Ashley Nicklis for questions. We ask that you please not refer individual employee questions to the System Office on this matter due to volume.
This office will continue to share whatever updates we receive from the State Health Plan as developments warrant. However, please know that we don’t have any further updates to share right now beyond what is in the attached letter and is reflected on the State Health Plan web site at