We are starting to review turnover data to be made available for a Board of Governors data dashboard this fall. We will be using the FY19 data as provided in HR DataMart, so if you have not reviewed your information for FY19 yet, I would STRONGLY encourage to you review it with your team within the next two weeks. If there are any significant data issues with what you are seeing in DataMart, then you may have to produce a separate report that we would use to feed to the BOG dashboard in addition to having to correct your monthly ongoing data to DataMart.
The turnover report is available in HR DataMart >> Reports >> Metrics.
We are reporting fiscal year groupings (FY18 = Jul FY18 through June FY18; FY19 data = Jul FY19 through June FY19).
There were several institutions that had missing or incorrect data last year; please note that this information is not corrected in datamart; however, the corrected data that was supplied is being used for the BOG dashboard.
If you have any difficult accessing this information, please let me know.
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