As some of you may have heard through media coverage, the General Assembly has passed bills that permit salary increases to proceed for most of State Government, which have now been signed by the Governor. I understand that the Office of State Human Resources (OSHR) is working on instructions for agencies to implement these legislative increases. Please know however, that the bills passed so far do not include salary increases for the University or Community College Systems.
A bill covering potential salary adjustments for employees of the University has been referred back to the House Appropriations Committee for further consideration. I am told that a new bill is likely in the form of a conference report, which would then be taken up by the House and Senate as soon as next week. Of course, that is subject to continued developments, so that is just an estimate.
Please know that the System Office has continued to be very active in its efforts to maximize legislative funding for the University’s annual raise process. We will continue to keep you updated of further developments.
Once a budget is passed that includes provisions for the University’s annual raise process, I anticipate instructions will be issued by the System Office shortly thereafter.
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