In follow-up to our phone call today, I wanted to offer further updates on two items.
With re. to the currently enacted freeze on selected salary increase actions: The freeze has been lifted for the State “agencies.” It is not at all clear that this lifting of the freeze applies to the University. Our initial interpretation is not and you should assume the freeze continues absent the University’s own salary budget appropriation being adopted. We are checking with our Finance Division on this point and will advise if and when we receive a different interpretation.
With re. to the fiscal year bonus leave provisions: Since our annual salary increase appropriation (e.g., ARP) was not included in the mini-Budget bill adopted for the “agencies,” we also do not yet have authorization to extend this fiscal year’s bonus leave to University employees. It is anticipated that an equivalent bonus leave provision will be extended to the University at the point the appropriation for the University’s annual salary increases is enacted. At that time, we will issue detailed guidance to the constituent institutions.
We will keep you updated as we learn further details on either of these items.
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