In October, the Governor issued an Executive Order to provide “Safe Leave” to employees in agencies reporting to the Governor’s Office. “Safe Leave” allows employees to use both vacation and sick leave for issues related to domestic violence. Although the UNC System is not covered by the executive order, the Governor has encouraged other agencies/universities to adopt the policy. The University is reviewing the program for application to SHRA and EHRA university employees.
The attached document contains three items:

  • The Governor’s Executive Order
  • OSHR’s guidelines
  • OSHR’s leave request form

OSHR has put together these guidelines based on the Governor’s Executive Order and has asked for input. This information was provided to agency HR directors yesterday. OSHR has asked for a quick turnaround for sending feedback; they would like our input returned by next week, which we recognize is a holiday week.
The UNC System Office will provide the university’s feedback collectively, so please send comments and questions to me no later than close of business on Tuesday, November 26.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Safe Leave Draft 112019