Yesterday, OSHR released a draft revision of the state workplace violence policy to the agency HR Directors for review and comment. OSHR is intending to take the policy to the February 6 State Human Resources Commission meeting and have asked for agency/university feedback on the draft.
There are some definition changes, including new definition for cyberbullying and a revised definition of weapons, some more examples of workplace violence, and more expectations around reporting. They have also created a violence reporting intake form that is also included within the attachment.
Earlier today, I sent you the request from OSHR for feedback on their proposed Safe Leave policy. Although I am sending the workplace violence draft now so that you can review the two policies in context with each other, the deadline for the Safe Leave review is much sooner than the deadline for the violence policy, so your short-term efforts should be geared toward responding to the Safe Leave policy first.
Safe Leave: Campus feedback due to System Office HR by Nov 26
Workplace Violence: Campus feedback due to System Office HR by Dec 13
You can send feedback directly to me. Please let me know if you have any questions.
DRAFT 2019 Workplace Violence Policy 11.18.19