Attached is a summary of the legislative items UNC System Human Resources has proposed to System Office senior leadership for the 2020 spring legislative session. Each division with the System Office provides its recommendations to senior leadership as it finalizes its priorities for the legislative session.
Although HR may provide these recommendations, there is no guarantee all of our items will be included in the final priorities. Typically, only a small number of identified priorities are ultimately included in the System’s legislative policy agenda, which is subject to final approval by the Board of Governors.
This is a work-in-progress and is for our internal discussion purposes only. It is being shared with HR Council for your information but is not to be shared or distributed to your institution. Your state relations staff will have received this information from System Office state relations late last week, so you may discuss with them as needed.
Several of these items are carryforwards from last legislative session that we have discussed previously. We have not included the removal of the BOG salary/position consultation here because we expect that it will be removed with budget approval when the General Assembly returns to session after the new year. If the consultation provision is not removed as part of a final 2019-20 budget, then we will return it to our priority list.
We will discuss these items at our next HR Council meeting. If you have any questions in the meantime, please let me know.