As you know, we have been working over the past several months to complete the turnover data for FY18 and FY19. James Campbell in our office has been working with your business analysts to review and clean up the data, and we appreciate the work your staff has done to help accomplish this. We have run into several challenges along the way and expect to discuss those with you in more detail in the coming weeks. James is posting each institution’s full turnover data spreadsheet to a sharefile site that your business analysts can access. They should all be available by Friday (Jan 10).
I’ve attached here a short powerpoint that will be presented to the BOG Committee on Personnel and Tenure next week. It is under final review and will be included in the Board materials this week. It has two charts. The first is a bar graph of voluntary turnover rates by institution with a benchmark line of 7.5% (derived from CUPA data).  The second is a quadrant chart showing the 2018 engagement data in relation to the FY2019 voluntary turnover data. The plot points for each institution on this chart are color-coded for the difference between the FY18 rate and the FY19 rate (red: increased by at least 1%; yellow: within 1%; green: decreased by at least 1%). These are the only items being shared with the Committee at this time. We understand that with only two years of data, we cannot do much trend analysis, but with the 2020 engagement data and FY20 turnover data becoming available this summer, we expect to be looking more closely at these datapoints in relation to each other in the very near future.
The other pdf attached here is for your information only and is not for distribution (it is not being provided to the BOG). It includes a table of turnover rates by institution, employee type, and turnover category and includes bar graphs by institution for each employee type with related CUPA benchmarks.
Please let me know if you have any questions.