Classification and Compensation Archives

This page includes information on past Class and Comp projects, including legislative increases and annual raise processes.

EHRA IRPS/IRIT Terminology Change

An update for the acronym that has been used to describe EHRA non-faculty employees who do not fall in the Senior Academic and Administrative Officer categories. All references to “Instructional, Research, and Public Service” (IRPS) EHRA non-faculty should be replaced by “Instructional, Research, and Information Technology (IRIT) professionals.

2018 Annual Raise Process and Special Bonus Leave

The UNC Board of Governors approved guidelines for implementing the 2018 annual raise process (ARP) for SHRA and EHRA employees. UNC System Human Resources sent the following guidance to the institutional HR offices.

2018 State Minimum Salary

The North Carolina 2018 Appropriations Act included a provision that the minimum salary for state (permanent) employees is $31,200 ($15 per hour) effective July 1, 2018.

  • Because constituent institutions may not have their HRIS systems yet programmed to post positions at this new minimum threshold, in the interim all “budgeted posting minimums” must reflect a salary no less than $31,200.
  • All “active vacancies” that are currently posted (or that have closed) and are not filled, including those for which interviewing has not begun, should be reposted with the new appropriate minimum of $31,200. In the event you are currently interviewing or have a selected candidate in which the offer fell below the $31,200, you must offer a salary no less than $31,200 for a full-time permanent employee or the relevant equivalency for a part-time employee.
  • This new minimum rate does NOT apply to temporary employees, but if a constituent institution chooses to move their minimum hourly rate to $15 an hour, then it must be applied consistently across the constituent institution.
  • We recognize that this may create some short-term inequities with similarly situated employees who may have been hired at a lower rate. We will follow up with instructions regarding moving your current employees to this new rate once our Board of Governors has determined the application of the annual increases for University employees.
  • The UNC System Human Resources office will increase all bands to reflect a minimum of no less than $31,200. For constituent institutions with management flexibility, it is expected the relevant human resources office will take similar action on campus-established EHRA salary ranges.
  • Due to funding source requirements in the Act, the ARP process must be completed before implementing salary increases to get employees to the new minimum. The minimum salary increases will be retroactive to July 1, 2018.

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