President’s Award Selections (Manager)

This is your opportunity to select one System Office manager to receive the inaugural President’s Award for Excellence. The award criteria are below. The nominations are available here. Please make your selection by Friday, July 31.

Please vote for one individual to receive the award, based on the award criteria and the nomination materials.

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The President’s Award for Excellence recognizes two System Office employees each year for substantial contributions toward the goals set in the Strategic Plan – for demonstrating their commitment to “making North Carolina the nation’s leader in affordability, accessibility, student success, economic impact, and excellent and diverse institutions.”

While some positions may have a direct role in strategic initiatives and others may play a more indirect role, each System Office employee has an opportunity to make an impact and align their accomplishments with the Plan.

One supervisory and one non-supervisory position will be recognized each year. Each recipient will receive $1,000 and an award.

Since only one non-manager was nominated, unless there are any objections, the non-managerial recipient will be Eric Fotheringham.