System Office Recognition: Best of the BESST

The UNC System Office is proud of the impact our staff makes every day. You are the engine that drives everything we do for our students, faculty, staff, and the people of North Carolina.

To celebrate that impact, we are introducing a three-tiered recognition system that will acknowledge and appreciate both the large and small activities that create a culture of excellence every day.

The President’s Award for Excellence recognizes two System Office employees each year for substantial contributions toward the goals set in the Strategic Plan – for demonstrating their commitment to “making North Carolina the nation’s leader in affordability, accessibility, student success, economic impact, and excellent and diverse institutions.”

While some positions may have a direct role in strategic initiatives and others may play a more indirect role, each System Office employee has an opportunity to make an impact and align their accomplishments with the Plan.

One supervisory and one non-supervisory position will be recognized each year. Each recipient will receive $1,000 and an award.

Any System Office staff member may nominate a colleague. Nominations will be solicited each winter for an award presentation at the spring System Office Town Hall meeting. The Senior Vice Presidents will review nominations and make recommendations to the President.

The Exceptional Performance Awards recognize up to 10 System Office staff each year for exceptional performance in one of the six Institutional Goals or one of their specific Individual Goals that are part of the University’s Performance Management program.

The Institutional Goals are:

  • Expertise
  • Accountability
  • Team-oriented
  • Customer-oriented
  • Compliance/integrity
  • Supervision (if applicable)

This information packet provides additional information on expectations around each Institutional Goal that may help inform nominations.

Winners will receive a $100 gift card and framed certificate.

Any System Office employee under the level of Assistant Vice President is eligible to receive one of these awards. All staff may submit nominations, and the nominee’s supervisor must approve nominations. Nominations will be submitted during the late summer and early fall, with awards presented at the fall System Office Town Hall meeting.

For the first year, members of the BESST Team will staff the Award Committee, which will make award recommendations to senior leadership. In future years, past award winners will consider each year’s nominations and make recommendations.

Nominations are now closed.

The Round of Applause Awards provide quarterly recognition for System Office staff who have done something during the work day that a colleague appreciated and wishes to recognize. This can be anything from offering a hand to help a colleague make a deadline, to providing other assistance when needed, to offering a smile and kind word on a tough day. This award is designed to recognize those “unsung heroes” who make the workplace more engaged, interconnected, and fun.

Staff members may submit nominations year-round using the form below. Nominations will be shared with the employee and their supervisor, and will be posted on the HR website.

Each quarter, at the System Office Town Hall meeting, three nominees’ names will be randomly drawn to receive a $25 gift card. At the same time, nominators will also have their names placed into a drawing; one nominator will receive a $25 gift card.

Read recent nominations! And then please nominate a deserving colleague here.