System Office Leave and Holidays

There are a variety of leave programs available to System Office staff to allow you to take time away from work. The System Office holiday calendar is also included here for your reference.


Leave Programs

Vacation and Sick Leave

SHRA Employees

Permanent employees regularly scheduled to work at least 20 or more hours per week, and who are in pay status for at least one-half of the days in a month, are eligible to earn leave. Permanent full-time employees (40 hours per week) earn vacation and sick leave according to the chart below. Employees who work less than 40 hours per week earn leave on a pro-rated basis according to the number of scheduled work hours each week. See the SHRA vacation and sick leave policies.

Years of Service

Vacation Leave

Annual Accrual

Sick Leave

Annual Accruals


112 hours

96 hours


136 hours

96 hours


160 hours

96 hours


184 hours

96 hours


208 hours

96 hours

EHRA Non-Faculty Employees

EHRA Non-Faculty employees (SAAO Tier II and IRIT classifications) receive 24 days of vacation leave and 12 days of sick leave per calendar year. The amount of annual leave is adjusted proportionately for part-time employees in covered positions who work half-time or more. Leave shall be earned on a monthly basis. The monthly earnings amount is equal to one-twelfth of the annual leave accrual rate for each month the employee works or is on an approved leave with pay at least half the working days of the month.

EHRA Non-Faculty Tier 1 Senior Academic and Administrative Officers are entitled to 26 days of vacation leave and 12 days of sick leave per calendar year.


If you are transferring between the UNC System Office and a constituent institution, acceptance of leave from one institution to another varies by individual institutional policies as does leave payout.

Bonus Leave and Leave Offsetting

Civil and Community Service Leave

These leave programs allow you to be a school volunteer, attend many school-related events, and receive paid leave for jury duty.

Administrative Leave Programs

The need for administrative leave is determined by senior administrators in response to unfolding events, such as a weather-related situation.

Medical Leave / ADA Programs

If you or a member of your immediate family need additional time to deal with a serious health condition, or accommodations for a disability, programs are available.

Paid Parental Leave

Other Leave Programs

EHRA-Specific Leave Programs

To find a certain policy, go to the UNC Policy Manual and search for the bold number shown with each policy title. Most personnel policies are included in Chapter 300 of the manual.


Holiday Schedule

Permanent UNC System Office employees, like all permanent state employees, receive 12 paid holidays each year.

New Year's DayWednesday, Jan. 1
Martin Luther King Jr's BirthdayMonday, Jan. 20
Spring Holiday*Friday, Apr. 10
Memorial DayMonday, May 25
Independence DayFriday, July 3
Labor DayMonday, Sept. 7
Veterans' DayWednesday, Nov. 11
ThanksgivingThursday-Friday, Nov. 26-27
System Office Closed Days**Monday-Tuesday, Dec. 21-22
Winter BreakWednesday-Friday, Dec. 23-25
New Year's DayFriday, Jan. 1
Martin Luther King Jr's BirthdayMonday, Jan. 18
Spring Holiday*Friday, Apr. 2
Memorial DayMonday, May 31
Independence DayMonday, July 5
Labor DayMonday, Sept. 6
Veterans' DayThursday, Nov. 11
ThanksgivingThursday-Friday, Nov. 25-26
Winter BreakFriday, Dec. 24, Monday-Tuesday, Dec. 27-28
System Office Optional Closed Days***Wednesday-Friday, Dec. 29-31
*Longstanding System Office guidance allows individuals to exchange the Spring Holiday for any other eight-hour workday during the same calendar year. Although the individual who exchanges will have to work on the Spring Holiday, please note that offices will still be closed that day. An exchange requires approval from the supervisor/manager in advance of the Spring Holiday and in advance of the exchange day. You must take the exchange day during the same calendar year or lose it and not get paid for it.

**On System Office Closed Days, System Office is closed and employees are required to use vacation or bonus leave or accrued compensatory time. NCSEAA is exempt from the Closed Days; UNC-TV may designate a limited number of staff members as essential.

***On System Office Optional Closed Days, the System Office will operate on a limited staffing basis. Employees may use vacation or bonus leave or accrued compensatory time.